Artist Statement
Pat Lorenz

As a child, I would watch my very talented grandmother
and mother spend hours perfecting the design of their
latest creation such as a quilt used for warmth on a cold
winter’s night later turned into wall art or a beautiful
gown (complete with crystals) for my first prom. Paying
attention to detail and craftsmanship were lessons
learned at an early age.

My mother loved accessorizing! This was easy to see
when visiting her home but was even more evident in her
selection of clothing accessories – hats, scarves, purses,
shoes and of course, jewelry. I share this addiction with
her. Although her style was strictly contemporary, I’m
drawn to a mix of old and new, antique and abstract,
vibrant colors and unusual textures.

Being a teen in the ‘60’s opened the door to free spirited
ideas and a more global influence in style. I attended the
Fashion Institute in Atlanta during this time which also
sparked many new design concepts and a better
understanding of style trends.

As an adult working with the architect and design
community, my focus is still on color, pattern and design
trends. But my true love is using these skills along with
inherited traits from the wonderful women in our family to
create one-of-a-kind wearable art. Maybe it’s a big, bold
necklace that makes a statement, or a soft silk scarf to
add a pop of color to that perfect black dress.  My hope is
that it is worn with the best accessory, a smile!

My inspirations come from everyday life, but mainly
nature. It could be the moss dangling from the wonderful
old trees in Charleston, the beautiful colors of the Blue
Ridge Mountains or the sun reflecting on the water at
Lake Lanier. It is forever changing and always one-of-a-
kind. That is why I feel the need to make unique items
that reflect the feelings of the moment. My jewelry
designs include unique and sometimes bold gemstones
along with shells, European crystals, fresh water pearls
and wood. I also use silversmith techniques to
incorporate silver and copper focal pieces into the
jewelry. Lately I have been incorporating repurposed
items such as leather, silk and vintage components into
the designs. This would make my grandmother smile!

Granny also influenced my love for fiber. She was a
spinner and now I've found an interest in spinning art
yarn.  Weaving is another new addiction but I still love to  
knit, crochet and felt along with hand dyeing/painting silk
scarves. The only problem is having enough time to play
with all of the fiber and jewels in my studio!

Pat Becknell Lorenz
Bird Mountain Creations